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Here are a selection of testimonials that have been provided by our clients:

"It is by far the best benefit of working at [company] because it promotes a positive work/life balance. With all of the travel I do for work, the massage therapy has been a good way to bring about balance and ensuring I work most efficiently and effectively. It is a good way to help my work performance because it helps take knots out of my neck that come from plane travel and sitting in front of a laptop; which means I am better able to focus on my work and be relaxed for whatever the workday brings. On the days I am not able to go for massage therapy, I can see a difference in how I feel sitting and throughout the day. It is important to me that [company] continue to offer this subsidised massage benefit."

"My role involves being on my laptop 70% of the day and so by the end of the week I am tensed, full of aches and pain. I look forward to my Wednesday morning massage session with Martin as it helps me to relax, relief my aches and I feel refreshed to continue with my working day. Please can we continue to subsidise Martin as he is an excellent masseuse? I have been with the company for nearly 5 years and Martin is by far the best masseuse we have had."

"The massage service provided by Martin is of huge benefit to [company] employees, as this is one of the only services available that helps to maintain the well-being of employees at work."

"I find this service highly beneficial. As I sit all day at a desk I often suffer from stiff neck and shoulders and backaches. This is sometimes aggravated by work related stress. Having a treatment weekly at an affordable price makes a big difference in terms of easing tension and stress and curing back pain. The therapist is really good and I feel I am in competent hands."

"I had my first massage today. My lower back was very painful. Working with a laptop all day long is not the best to improve the situation. The massage was definitely a fantastic experience. I have only one complaint; it was too short! Therefore I've already booked two slots next week. I look forward to getting another treatment. Thanks again!"

"I very much appreciate the service Martin provides. I spend many hours a day in front of my computer and the nature of my work (creating precise designs and illustrations) means that I stare closely at the screen, making my shoulders very knotted. On several occasions in the past I have needed to take days off work and to visit an Osteopath. However since working at [company] and receiving weekly massages from Martin this has not been necessary. Martin is extremely good at his job, and is experienced in various types of massage, which means he is able to tailor his service depending on the individual's health issues, for instance during pregnancy - when office work and commuting can really take their toll. I benefit from it a great deal."

"Martin has the hands of an angel, at whatever time of the day it is, he manages to de-stress me. The service is brilliant; not only does it relieve the tension in my back (put there from the week’s work) but it also gives me a valuable 20 minutes to think and relax enabling me to be much more creative and productive."

"I have enjoyed Martin's service on a regular basis. My position requires me to be sitting down for long periods of time, as a result, I occasionally suffer from stress on my back and neck muscles. Thanks to Martin's expertise I have managed to keep this under control and prevent any further back/neck injuries from developing. In turn, I can continue to work efficiently. The fact that the service is offered on-site also means that I can fit the sessions around my work schedule without this being interrupted by having to go elsewhere for a similar service. The fact that the service is subsidised also means that I can enjoy the service on a regular basis rather than having the sessions sporadically and develop more serious back issues that could lead to needing additional or even more serious treatment. I certainly hope that the service can continue to be subsidised by [company] as I have found it most professional, effective and convenient. I have an ongoing problem with my back and shoulders that before I joined [company] and received the subsidised treatment was a lot worse than it is today. Regular massages have helped to manage both my stress and my physical condition, and I have benefited thoroughly from having this so readily available on a regular and convenient basis. Finding the time and money to receive treatment of this sort would be extremely difficult in my and many other people's busy lifestyles and financial situations. I, like so many others, put a lot of time, effort and commitment into my work at [company] and it is excellent schemes such as this one that shows me that [company] really do want to give something back to its employees to say thank you and, in turn to keep us healthy and motivated."

"I tend to get lower back pains, especially after sitting at my desk for long periods. I find that Martin's massages really help relieve the pain so I tend to get a massage once a week although there is always limited space so I am never guaranteed a space. I would love for there to be more sessions available as this would help relieve my pain and make my time here more enjoyable. Martin is very experienced and does a very good job. He is always very pleasant and professional."

"Martin offers a fantastic service to all those employees who regularly exercise. I currently cycle to work (through our reward scheme) and without the weekly attention received during my 20 minute sessions I’m sure injury would prevent the vital routine I have in place. Taking 20 minutes from your work time, is of no difference to [company] from those that smoke, or take regular coffee breaks. Being fit and helping the environment, gives me a more positive outlook, and makes me more inclined to believe that [company] is serious about becoming one of the best companies to work for. Martin's therapy is of high quality and excellent value. I think this service highlights [company] as one of the TOP employers that values its employees. If [company] wants to attract the best people in the market, this is one of the services that should definitely remain as part one of the benefits provided to [company] employees. Thank you"