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"The fact that the service is offered on-site also means that I can fit the sessions around my work schedule without this being interrupted by having to go elsewhere for a similar service."

Shiatsu practitioner Martin Collins and his associates at Bliss Backrub are developing an enviable reputation with both private and corporate clients. With 15 years experience in the financial services industry, Martin has first hand knowledge of the physical and emotional impact of long hours working in an office; especially when working at a desk or a computer for long hours.

Our Aims

Bliss Backrub aims to bring the best practitioners out of the spas and clinics and into your workplace or home. Our years of training and experience mean we are not limited to one fixed routine; we enjoy working flexibly. Our schedules vary from individual clients to the large corporate events; from the five minute taster session to the full body treatment. We tailor our organisation and our treatments to best suit you.

Our Working Locations

Martin and his associates work primarily in the London and the South East, especially in the West End of London and Brighton, but they are prepared to travel further a field by negotiation.

More information

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