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"The fact that the service is offered on-site also means that I can fit the sessions around my work schedule without this being interrupted by having to go elsewhere for a similar service."
About Shiatsu

The term Shiatsu originates from the Japanese shi, meaning finger, and atsu, meaning pressure. It is a traditional complementary therapy which is hands-on and has both preventative and healing qualities. Shiatsu is closely related to acupuncture and acupressure both in origins and technique. The body’s vital energy, known as ‘KI’ is stimulated and rebalanced by a skilled series of stretches, holding and pressure along the energetic pathways known as meridians.

Have there been any scientific studies on the benefits of Shiatsu?

The most recent substantial European studies on the benefits of Shiatsu was completed in 2007 after a 2 year study which was the result of collaboration between the University of Leeds and the European Shiatsu Foundation. This study was very positive about both the short and long term benefits of Shiatsu. Clients reported most long term benefit from symptoms related to tension or stress followed by problems with muscles, joints or body structure. Download the full report: [ShiatsuExecSummary.pdf]