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"Really great service and fantastic value for money - I'd be lost without it!"
Chair Massage for the Workplace

Our style of work is both relaxing and yet invigorating. It is perfectly suited to the office and work place environments. We bring our ergonomically designed chairs; need a minimum of room to set up and in some cases work on the individuals at their desk. There are no oils or lotions and no need to remove clothing. We draw on our years of experience and training to give your staff a truly bespoke treatment.

Millions of working days are lost annually through people suffering from illness; many of which are related to stress or muscular conditions. It is not surprising that an increasing number of companies are now taking a proactive approach to this problem and developing well-being plans for their employees.

Benefits of chair massage for your company can include:
  • improved attendance and retention
  • raised levels of productivity and creativity
  • increased job satisfaction and morale
  • a reduction in the effect of RSI and stress related injuries

In addition:
  • There are no expensive start-up costs
  • It is possible to achieve great results in minimum time

Benefits of chair massage for the employee:
  • revitalising the body and refreshing the mind
  • reduction of muscle tension and increased flexibility
  • smoothing away headaches and other aches and pains
  • boosting the immune system and improving the circulation

A sponsored or subsidised therapy session can be a cost-effective part of this plan. Bliss Backrub can provide services that are:
  • company sponsored: the company pays 100% of the costs of the session
  • company subsidised: the company and employees share the cost
  • employee sponsored: employees pay the full cost of the session

Why Book Us?

We supply the very best selected massage therapists; none having less than three years experience and a minimum of three years training. With this knowledge and expertise, your staff will receive treatment tailored to their needs, not a 'one routine fits all' approach.

Bliss Backrub practitioners have worked with many small and multi-national companies in London and the South East and you can read the some feedback of employees on the testimonials page.

If you value your staff for their unique skills and individual talents, you will love our office chair massage or other shiatsu treatments. We treat your staff with a tailored treatment that is focused on each of their individual needs.

Bliss Backrub associates work primarily in the London and the South East, especially in the West End of London and Brighton, but they are prepared to travel further a field by negotiation.

For further information without obligation, please use the link to our enquiries page.